Vostok-VR inner pipeline registrator

A new innovative development - the VOSTOK-BP pipeline data logger is installed in the front of the cleaning device. It is equipped with a temperature sensor and 2 pressure sensors and is designed to record data on sections of the pipeline up to 500 km in length and for passes for more than 30 days. Operates without maintenance (without replacing the power supply) for 2 years with a measurement resolution of 10 sec. The top-level software presents the recorded data in a visual graphical form and in tabular form. Recorder weight 3.9 kg.

Main advantages:
- measurement accuracy and design reliability;
- fast and accurate analysis of pumping parameters and pumped product data, pressure drop across the scraper and submission of a technical report;
- the possibility of installation on any standard cleaning device and / or the ability to be combined with a cleaning device of small diameter;
- comes complete with top-level software;
- the ability to program the frequency of data measurements;
- the ability to provide services for measuring and recording data on the parameters of pumping and product in the pipeline, pressure drop across the pig and subsequent analysis and reporting;
- does not require maintenance (replacement of the power supply) for 2 years;
- does not require disassembling the case to read data into a computer and start the device into a new measurement cycle;
- durable stainless steel body;
- works in any liquid or gaseous environment.

Data presentation:
- product temperature graph along the entire length of the pipeline (minimum, average and maximum);
- graph of the absolute pressure of the product along the entire length of the pipeline (minimum, average and maximum);
- graph of the differential pressure on the cleaning device during its movement along the entire length of the pipeline (minimum, average and maximum); - the time of movement of the device in the pipeline from the launch chamber to the receiving chamber;
- acceleration schedule in three directions (if necessary);
- binding the real-time scale to the distance traveled by the cleaning device, based on data on product consumption, external odometers or built-in accelerometers.

Application of the VOSTOK-BP pipeline data logger allows studying the mechanism of formation and determining the places of deposits in pipelines, the rate of their accumulation during periodic inspection. The use of data on the parameters of the transported product (temperature T and pressure P) and the data of differential pressure ΔP on the cleaning device in any section of the pipeline, together with the performance of hydraulic calculations and physicochemical studies of the transported products and in-pipe deposits, will allow a more complete analysis of the actual deposits in the pipeline , as well as to determine the influence of the mode of transportation of products and their composition on the possibility and rate of formation of in-pipe deposits.

Feature name Value
Instrument Measurement Channels Pressure, Temperature, Acceleration *, Distance *
Pressure Sensor Type Silicon on Sapphire
Battery life at 10 sec measurement resolution, years 2 & nbsp;
Communication port USB 2.0
Memory resource, number of pressure and temperature points 559000 *
Range of setting measurement discreteness, sec 0.18 & hellip; 15300 * (4.25 hours
Pressure limit, MPa 20
Reduced error for the pressure channel in the normalized temperature range,% URL 0.15 *
Pressure channel resolution,% URL 0.0003
Pressure drift, no more than% / year 0.05
Operating temperature range, ° С - 20 & hellip; +85
Absolute error for the temperature channel, ° С & plusmn; 0.5
Resolution for the temperature channel is not higher, ° С 0.01
Weight, kg 3.5

* - parameter variations are possible when ordering


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