Tracking the location of pigs stuck in the pipeline

Tracking the location of stuck pigs is conducted as following:

1. Monitoring the magnetic record of the pipeline segment from the ground surface (the presumable location of the pig’s stoppage) by the “ZOND-SKAN” device with further reflection of the former on the device’s display and simultaneous recording of the distance, covered by the operator, using the embedded GPS-receiver in automated op-eration mode, as well as presenting the information on GPS-positioning of the pig stuck in the pipeline.

2. Launch of the 2nd transmitter-integrated pig into the pipeline, tracking its running at check points with further identifying the 2nd pig’s stoppage location using the low-frequency mole, proceeding on the assumption that the 2nd pig stops at the same spot,as of the 1st one, recording the GPS-positioning of the pig stuck in the pipeline.

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