Occupational Safety and Health

The management of VOSTOKneftegaz considers the continuous improvement of the health and safety management system (hereinafter SMOZiOBT) as an element of the overall management system and as a necessary condition for the company's sustainable development. To this end, VOSTOKneftegaz management applies the international standard ISO 9004: 2009 and the EFQM Model of Excellence, and also ensures that SMOZiOBT meets the requirements of OHS AS 18001: 2007.

The personnel, customers of scientific, scientific and technical products and partners of the company are considered as the most important participants in the improvement of the OH&S management system, the implementation of the OH&S policy and goals.

VOSTOKneftegaz conducts regular analysis of compliance with OH&S requirements by VOSTOKneftegaz employees, their satisfaction with working conditions, as well as development of measures to improve the OH&S management system based on the results of such an analysis.

The purpose of the OH&S is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of OH&S measures.

At the same time, it is of paramount importance to prevent and reduce negative impacts on company personnel and visitors by:

  • identification, assessment of occupational health and safety risks and their management; distribution of duties, responsibilities and authorities among the management and employees of LLC NTF VOSTOKneftegaz for compliance with OH&S requirements;
  • improving the educational and professional level of employees in the field of OH&S; development of channels for the exchange of information between employees and the management of LLC NTF VOSTOKneftegaz on OH&S issues;
  • social insurance of employees against industrial accidents and occupational diseases;
  • regular certification of workplaces for working conditions; provision of compensation payments provided for by law to employees employed in jobs with difficult, harmful or hazardous working conditions; ensuring the timely implementation of medical and preventive measures and medical examinations of employees;
  • provision of personal and collective protective equipment for employees. LLC NTF VOSTOKneftegaz guarantees compliance with the requirements of legislation and other regulatory legal acts in the field of OH&S in the course of its activities.

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