In-line inspection of the pipelines

Pipeline inspection services - ensuring integrity with «VOSTOKneftegaz»

We have cleaned and inspected over 3500 km of pipelines of O=159 mm and higher, using the in-line flaw detectors.

The goal:

1. Inspecting the technical condition of the pipeline.

2. Calculating strength (maximum pressure) and the residual life, based on the inspection re-sults.

3. Industrial safety examination.

In-line inspection technology stages:

1. Preparatory work – identifying (based on the datasheet) and ensuring testability of inspect-ed pipeline.

2. Cleaning of the pipeline interior from for-eign objects, scale, electrodes, asphalt, paraffin and pyrophore deposits. The cleaning pigs are equipped with the transmitter for the purpose of monitoring their running and identify the location in case of the stoppage.

3. Gauging the pipeline – calculating the min-imum run-in clearance and ensuring 70%-clearance of the outside diameter (i.e. removal of any flaws of geometry, exceeding 30% of outside.

4. Pipeline profile logging – flaw detection of the pipeline (dents, wrinkles, out-of-roundness), measuring the swing radii. Ensuring 85%-clearance of the outside diameter (i.e. removal of any flaws of geometry, exceeding 15% of outside diameter) and minimum pipeline swing radius of 1,5 DN or 3 DN (swing radius should be equal of more than 1,5 DN or 3 DN, depending on the flaw detection device used after the profile logging).

5. Inspecting the pipeline using the in-line magnetic (MFL and TFI) and/or ultrasonic flaw detection devices – detecting flaws like corrosion (external, internal, pitch and massive), stress-corrosion, scaling, structural parts, heteropointing cracks and other pipeline wall flaws.

6. Calculating strength and the residual life, industrial safety examination.

Since 2006 we have conducted the in-line and pipeline industrial safety examination (including submerged crossing) for “Bashneft”, “Bashneft-Dobycha”, “Udmurtneft”, “Belkamstroy”, “Belkamneft”, “Naftatrans”, “Surgutnefte-gaz”, “Otradny” support base and others.

We possess more than 10 years of experience in in-line pipeline inspection.

  • 20+ years
  • 30+ patents
  • 500+ projects are in work

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