In-line pipeline diagnostics

Pipeline diagnostics services - precision and reliability with «VOSTOKneftegaz»

We have cleaned and inspected with in-line flaw detectors more than 3800 kilometers of pipelines with a diameter of 159 mm to 1420 mm.

Service purpose:

1. Inspection of the technical condition of the pipeline.

2. Calculations for strength (maximum permitted pressure) and durability (residual life) based on the survey results.

3. Expertise of industrial safety. License No. DE-00-013475.

Stages of in-line diagnostics technology:

1. Preparatory work - determination (according to the questionnaire) and ensuring the testability of the pipeline being inspected.

2. Cleaning the internal cavity of the pipeline from foreign objects, scale, electrode residues, asphalt-resinous, paraffinic and pyrophoric deposits.

3. Calibration of the pipeline - determination of the minimum flow area of ​​the pipeline and ensuring 70% of the permeability of the outer diameter (ie elimination of all geometry defects exceeding 30% of the outer diameter).

4. Inspection of the pipeline with a profiler - identification of defects in the pipeline geometry (dents, corrugations, ovality) and measurement of the radius of turns. Ensuring the pipeline passability at 85% of the outer diameter (elimination of all geometry defects exceeding 15% of the outer diameter) and the minimum radius of pipeline turn equal to 1.5Dn or 3Dn (Rпов. Should be more than or equal to 1.5Dn or 3Dn depending on from the flaw detector used after pofilemetry).

5. Inspection of the pipeline with in-line magnetic (MFL and TFI) and / or ultrasonic flaw detectors - detection of such defects as: corrosion (internal, external, point and continuous), stress corrosion under stress, delamination, inclusions, multi-oriented cracks and other defects pipeline walls.

6. Calculation for strength and durability (residual life) and industrial safety expertise.

Since 2007, we have performed work on in-line diagnostics and examination of industrial safety of pipelines (including underwater crossings) at JSC ANK Bashneft, JSC Udmurtneft, LLC Belkamstroy, JSC Belkamneft, JSC Naftatrans , OJSC "Surgutneftegas", LLC "BPO-Otradny", AO "Sheshmaoil", "SNPS-Aktobemunaigaz", OJSC "RN-Krasnodarneftegaz", etc.

Experience in in-line diagnostics of oil and gas pipelines for over 10 years.

  • 20+ years
  • 30+ patents
  • 500+ projects are in work

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