Technology of pigging with periodic removal of deposits using the plunger

1 stage – launch the transmitter-integrated cleaning pig “VOS-TOK-MDT” into the pipeline and track its location following the electro-magnetic signals sent by the transmitter and “VOSTOK-AL” device, as well as pipeline capacity (Q), primary pipeline pressure (P1) and pres-sure differential;

2 stage – it is acceptable to stop the oil pumping in case of drop in capacity by 30–50% and pressure P increase to the maximum.

3 stage – using the “hot tap” method, rig in the plunger 1 at a dis-tance of 70–150 m from the location of “VOSTOK-MDT”, assemble the process pipeline and prepare oil trucks for oil and paraffin reception.

4 stage – launch the pumping and displacement of paraffin until the moment of pure crude oil seepage.

5 stage – repeat previous steps until arrival of the “VOSTOK-MDT” cleaning pig into the catcher station.

6 stage – carry out the check run of “VOSTOK-MDT” or standard hard cleaning pig “VOSTOK-D6T” with polyurethane disks and brush-ing unit.

At all stages of cleaning the crude oil pipeline, the pigs are tracked using the acoustic mole “VOSTOK-AL” or “VOSTOK-ALR”, as well as the low-frequency mole “VOSTOK-NL” for the purpose of tracking and identifying the location of cleaning and smart pigs.

The technologies are developed using practical experience of cleaning lengthily uncleaned pipelines of “Rosneft-Stavropolneftegaz”, “Bashneft”, “Tatneft”, “Belkamneft”, “LUKOIL-Perm”, ”Varyegannefte-gaz”, “LUKOIL-Komi”, “Orenburgneft”, “TNK-Nyagan” and others.

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  • 30+ patents
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