Visual pipeline inspection

The technology of visual inspection involves conducting the following operation stages:
1 stage – inspecting the location of coating damages and revis-ing the pipeline using noncontact magnetometric method (exposing the pipeline spots with abnormal magnetic field, as well as their posi-tioning, following the regulation document 102-008-2002).
2 stage – pitting the pipeline in locations of coating damages and abnormal magnetic field.
3 stage – 3D-positioning of the pipeline.
4 stage – conducting the visual and measuring checks (coating condition, thickness of the coating and adhesion, protective properties of the coating) with integral estimate, using noncontact pipeline cur-rent measurement.
5 stage – selective measuring of pipe wall’s thickness and hardness.
6 stage – selective measuring of circumferential weld geomet-rics (upon the visual and measuring checks) and circumferential weld parameters (upon the ultrasonic inspection).
7 stage – compiling the technical report, calculating the residual life and conducting industrial safety expert review.

The technology of monitoring the external coating integrity and the pipeline condition using noncontact magnetometric method is ap-plied by patrolling the pipeline route by the operator. Other parame-ters’ monitoring (excluding

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