Vostok-NL series low-frequency locator for cleaning pigs

Low-frequency mole “VOSTOK-NL” is designed for receiving electromagnetic signals,generated by transmitters of “VOSTOK-T” series, which allow identifying the location of cleaning pigs. Mole’s method of procedure is based on receiving and decoding electromagnetic waves of infra-low frequency 13, 22 Hz and a specific encoded signal with “SEMIGOR” frequency, delivered as signals in “signal-pause” format or in continuous wave mode from transmitters installed onto the cleaning pigs. This gives an opportunity to monitor the cleaning pig’s running and identify the location in case of its stoppage in the pipeline within the accuracy of +0.5 m.

The device is designed for use together with any modifications of “VOSTOK-T” transmitter series, any modifications of pig transmitters manufactured by “TRANSNEFT-DIASKAN”, any modifications of low-frequency transmitters manufactured by “APRODIT”, any modifications of transmitters manufactured by “SEMIGORYE”, any modifications of transmitters manufactured by ”ROSEN Group” and other transmitters, generating signals of frequency 22 Hz.

Low-frequency mole “VOSTOK-NL” is portable. It is a self-contained unit in a tough case,sup-plied with an aerial and a patch cord.

Feature name Value
Distance in the air at which the antenna of the low-frequency locator (receiver) steadily receives the transmitter signal (when the locator and transmitter antennas are aligned and there is no interference), m up to 25
  Duration of work at ambient temperature: -20 … + 40 ° С, h 70
  Power supply, pcs 4, type "C"
  Operating temperature range -20 … + 60 ° С
  Operating temperature range (when using lithium batteries) -40 … + 60 ° С
  Net weight with antenna, no more, kg 5
– low frequency locator (width x height x length)
– antenna (diameter x length)

75х220х200 mm
50х310 mm
  Accuracy of locating the cleaning device & plusmn; 0.5 m
  The ability to receive the signal from the transmitter in the position `` aerial in the air '' (when the operator moves along the track) Yes
  Displaying transmitter signal reception on: led display
  Locator operation control (setting operation mode, viewing memory data, etc.) keyboard
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