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The Director-General, Dr.
Mugallimov  Fanzil'  Mavljavievich


Postal address: 450027, Ufa-27 city, PO Box 11
Phone. +7(347) 246-49-88, 293-34-53
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About the Company / Company / Key areas of activity

1. Production of equipment for pigging the pipeline inte-rior and monitoring devices of varied functionality.
1.1. Production of cleaning pigs designed for pigging the in-terior of pipelines of Ø=89– 1420 mm.
1.2. Production of devices for searching and tracking clean-ing pigs in a pipeline, devices for measuring the characteristics of pumping and transported product, devices for surveying the wells.

2. Pigging and engineering diagnostics of pipelines. 1.1. Pigging of the pipeline interior (incl. the lengthily un-cleaned ones).
1.2. Discharge of product from pipelines withdrawn from ser-vice, with monitoring the pigs’ location.
1.2. Visual pipeline inspection.
1.3. Surveying the pipeline using in-line smart pigs (gauging, profile logging and flaw detection).

3. Examination of industrial safety of hazardous produc-tion facilities.
3.1. Examination of industrial safety of pipelines, based on results of visual and in-line inspection with calculations of strength and residual life.
3.2. Justification of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities, with risk assessment.

4. Development of standard-technical documents, tech-nology regulations and O&G loss norms.
4.1. Development of standard and technical documents for pipeline systems.
4.2. Development of technology regulations on operation of the pipelines and oil skimming and processing facilities (O&G processing facilities, booster stations, sewage pumping stations, preliminary water removal units, pipeline commissioning stations, etc).
4.3. Development of loss norms for oil and associated gas, as well as utilizing O&G for needs of oil and gas production en-terprises.

5. R&D aimed at designing the means of in-line pigging and inspection of pipelines, as well as ensuring the safety while carrying out emergency and repair operations.

6. Instructing the specialists on technologies of pipeline pigging and in-line inspection.




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Postal address: 450027, Ufa-27 city, PO Box 11
Phone. +7(347) 246-49-88, 293-34-53
Fax: +7(347) 246-49-89

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